Monday, November 15, 2010

Lizzy's Birthday

On Sunday night, we had Lizzy's family birthday party, with her grandparents.  She had lots of fun getting presents!  She got a Zhu zhu pet, a bulls-eye horse to go with her Jessie doll, the new Tinkerbell movie, a Dora and Boots playset, and a jar of jellybeans!  She got the jellybeans because, when we called her Grandma Gale to invite them to come, she was asked what she wanted for her birthday, and she told Grandma, "I want jellybeans!  In a little jar, and you have to wrap it!"  She was thrilled to get them, too!  I made her a chocolate cake at her request, and put Jessie riding Bulls-eye on top, which I made out of chocolate. 

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Bela said...

What a fun birthday for Lizzy! That's a beautiful cake. The cake might be bigger than her!!! :-)