Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hiking and Crawling!

Rachel is crawling all over the place now, and pulling herself up to standing, and cruising around on the furniture... she'll be walking in no time! I took this video back at the beginning of April, and I just haven't gotten it on the blog until now. We've also been having lots of fun going on hikes. Lizzy loves hiking so much, she climbed into the hiking backpack (which was still out from a hike the day before) and sat there, drinking her milk.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


In November, I got some music transcription software, and ever since I've been writing and arranging lots of music - mostly for my ward's choir. (I was just a member of the choir - not the choir director.) Anyway, I was recently called to be the choir director, so now I'm very excited about having the choir perform my music! I set up a website for the choir where people can download the sheet music and also listen to mp3 files of the music to help them practice. You can visit my site: and feel free to download the music to share with your own ward choirs!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Race For the Cure

My mom, my cousin Barbara, Lizzy, Rachel and I did the Susan Komen Race for the Cure (for Breast Cancer research) on Saturday. It was wild - so crowded! I guess about 18,000 people showed up. It was really fun. People with strollers had to line up at the back, so we were stuck behind so many people, it was really a "leisurely stroll for the cure" as my mom put it! It's a 5 K race, 3.2 miles, and it took us 1 hour 7 minutes to complete because of having to go slow due to the crowd. It was neat to see all the people with their crazy T-shirts "Save the Ta-Tas!" "Squeeze 'em to save 'em!" etc., and a guy in a full pink leotard... scary!

In other news, Rachel has turned 9 months old. She is crawling everywhere, into everything, and pulling herself up on furniture. Her top 2 teeth have poked through, too! She was 16 pounds 10 ounces at her doctor's appointment, putting her at about 10th percentile. She's so fun, and so cute!

We've also been having lots of fun with my new jogging stroller (as seen in the Race picture). The girls and I go out for a run every day at the park by my house. The other day when we were out on our run, I saw Lizzy take Rachel's hand through the little window in the canopy, and she said, "I love you, Rachel, I love you!" It was so sweet! They held hands for most of the ride.