Thursday, March 25, 2010

Updates on the Family

With my zeroed-in focus on my diet and exercise, I have neglected to post the cute pictures I have taken recently!  So, here are some updates!
Here's poor Rachel, so tired, she just fell asleep right on the couch watching Sesame Street!
And here she is enjoying a beater from (pre-diet) brownie making!  Yum!
I put the dress on Rachel for church... and she put everything else on herself, including the polka-dot stretch pants, the green skirt underneath, the slipper socks, the shoes, and the hat!  Fashionista!
We went to Arctic Circle for lunch, and in the kids meals, they had these cute little Easter bunnies.  Well, the girls LOVE them.  They slept with them at night, and had them sit by them at the dinner table and at breakfast... they haven't let them go since we got them. 
My dad got Jason this home water carbonator and soda maker for Christmas... it just came in now, so it's a very late Christmas present, but anyway, now we can make our own soda.  It's really quite fun!  One of Jason's favorite drinks is plain soda water with lime.  He's thrilled to have this!  We made our first bottle of soda last night, and had soda water with lime at dinner.  I also made Jason a liter bottle of flavored soda (using the syrup pictured) for him to take to work.  How many other husbands can take homemade soda to work?

New Blog

I have decided to create a new blog, about my health and fitness journey.  3 Girls and a Guy is supposed to be my family blog, with stuff about my kids, that I can make into scrapbook stuff later.  And so, I have moved all my health and fitness related posts to my new blog: "Real Food, Real Fitness"
So, if you want to continue to follow my weight loss journey, please bookmark that blog and check it often!

Thanks everyone!