Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lizzy's Ballet Recital

Lizzy had her dance recital last night, dancing to Madonna's "Material Girl!"  Cutest thing ever!  The recital was very good - Davis Dance Academy does an excellent job, and there were many really amazing and talented dancers, and lots of excellent and interesting choreography.  1000 times better production than last year's recital at Syracuse Dance Academy - last year's recital had such poor quality dancing and choreography, even among the "competition" and older teams, that we pulled Lizzy out of there for this year and changed to Davis Dance Academy... and I was very happy with the decision after seeing the recital!  Not to mention, DDA is $10 per month CHEAPER than SDA, the costumes were half the price, and SDA charged $6 a ticket for their recital, whereas DDA's recital was free!  Better all around.

The girls were supposed to have their hair in a curly ponytail, however, Lizzy's hair is like mine and seriously resists curling!  I washed her hair in the morning, and while it was damp, I put in a huge glob of hair gel, and then put curlers in - the tiniest curlers - and kept them in for 8 hours, until it was time to leave for the recital.  Then I took the curlers out, and it was nice and curly, and I hairsprayed the heck out of it, and we left for the recital.  By the time it was her turn to dance, the curl was gone.  So, you can spot her in the video on the back row as the one with a straight ponytail.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Natalie's Blessing

Natalie was blessed at our church on Sunday, and it was such a wonderful occasion!  We ended up with so many family members there to support our sweet Natalie!  We had 29 family members come for the blessing!  Natalie looked extra precious in her beautiful dress!