Thursday, May 26, 2011


Natalie has started smiling, and I was finally able to capture some smiles on camera today!  So cute!  She's 8 weeks old today!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spotlight on the Older Kids!

Lizzy and Rachel have felt a little neglected in the picture-taking area, since the camera is always focused on Natalie these days, so I took some videos of them highlighting their special talents.


We had a fun long weekend in Moab with my mom, her boyfriend John, and my grandpa!  We stayed in a really nice 3 bedroom condo.  The kids did really well on the drives to and from, which I was very nervous for, and therefore glad that it wasn't a problem!  You'd think going to Moab at the end of April / beginning of May, it would be nice and warm... but we had highs in the low 50's the whole time, and lots of chilling wind, so it wasn't as nice as we'd hoped.  We got there on Friday afternoon, and Jason and I went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant, which was really nice!  The girls stayed at the condo and ate there with my mom, John, and grandpa.  Saturday, Jason and John did a wild mountain bike ride on the porcupine trail.  The kids and I swam at the condo's pool and played outside.  My mom and I also went shopping for food for the weekend.  Sunday morning, we all rode the Schaffer trail, which was really fun - amazing views!  Natalie seemed to enjoy the bounciness of the rough 4WD trail - I sat in the back seat next to her to make sure it didn't shake her too badly, but she was fine.  In the afternoon, we went swimming again, and then just had a relaxing time sitting around in the condo.  Monday morning, we drove back home.

The girls sitting on rocks in the yard of the condo:

Our family on an overlook on the Schaffer trail:

Grandpa, me, and Natalie on the Schaffer trail:

My mom, John, Lizzy, and Rachel on the Schaffer trail.  It was very cold and windy!