Friday, November 5, 2010

Florida, days 7 and 8

On Wednesday, our final day in Florida, it was sunny again, and so we had a pool day.  We swam after breakfast, and then again after lunch, until the kids were sick of it!  They had a lot of fun, jumping in off the edge into our arms, and playing in the fountains!  After dinner, we went to the resort's ice cream shop and got some ice cream, and then went over to their game room and played ping pong and foosball.  The kids were too little to really play the games, though, so they got frustrated fast, and we had to go back to the hotel.  We got them into bed as early as we could, since we had to be up at 4:30 am to catch our 7:00 am flight, but Jason and I were kept awake, as always until 11:30 when all the pool music and yelling teenagers finally quit. 

We woke up early Thursday morning and loaded all our stuff and sleeping kids into the car.  We returned our rental car, got our plane tickets and went up to the gate.  We said goodbye to Michelle, and Lizzy was very sad to leave her!  We boarded our plane, and started down the runway, and then stopped!  The pilot came on and said that one of the engines had a problem and wouldn't pressurize, so we were going to have to go back to the gate.  We sat at the gate for a little while, and then they told us to all get off, and they'd see how long it would take, but we probably wouldn't be going until at least 10:00 am!!  So, we sat around in the airport for 3 hours, until they finally found us a new plane!  The positive things were, the plane was now very empty, so just about everyone had a whole row all to themselves - Rachel and I sat in our own row, and Jason and Lizzy in their own row.  They also gave us all free meal vouchers, so our lunch was free, and gave everyone the headphones for the movie for free.  We were all exhausted from waking up so early, and Rachel napped across two seats (thank goodness for the empty flight!) for about the first half of the flight.  Then, she was happy and cheerful for the rest of it.  Lizzy did well, too, just watching movies on her portable player.  Lizzy fell asleep in the car on the way home from the airport, and continued her nap in her bed for the next couple of hours.  We all had a really fun vacation, but it's always nice to be home too! 

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