Sunday, November 21, 2010

Checkups and Haircuts

Lizzy had her 4 year old check up, and she is very healthy, as always!  She continues to be between 75 and 90th percentile on height and between 25th and 50th on weight, so tall and skinny, just like dad!  She is 42 inches tall (3 feet 6 inches) and weighs 35 pounds.  Because of her November birthday, she misses the school cut-off for next year, and won't start kindergarten for another year after that... which is too bad because all of her friends from church are going next year, and she's as tall or taller than all of them!  She is going to be the oldest, tallest girl in her class - by a lot!  I have heard (but obviously never experienced) that tall girls get teased and hate being the tallest... any tall friends reading this who can advise me about that??  Anyway, she's growing up so healthy and strong!

Meanwhile, Rachel loves to help around the house:

Here she is on laundry day folding the kitchen towels and bibs - that pile to the left of her, she did that all by herself!  Also in the picture, you can see how long her hair has gotten.  Unfortunately, it has grown in as a mullet, and looks rather scraggly all the time, so we decided to take her for her first haircut:

She has natural curl in her hair - not enough to look really curly, just enough to look messy all the time, but this new haircut looks a lot neater and cleaner than her mullet did!  She did a good job at the salon too, and didn't cry!  She's seen Lizzy get her hair cut many times, so she wasn't afraid.  It was all even and straight when wet and cut, but then the natural curl came in to play, so it still looks messier than I'd hoped.  Oh well!  When she gets older, she'll have a never ending battle with hair products and the straightening iron... just like the rest of us!

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Melissa Woodruff said...

That's how Ethan's hair is: just enough natural curl to look messy and just enough curl that we can't cut his hair ourselves. Glad everyone's healthy!