Friday, November 5, 2010

Florida, days 5 and 6

Monday in Florida, we spent the day at the resort.  We had breakfast, and then went grocery shopping to load up on food to eat at the condo.  Then we grabbed some lunch, and headed back to the hotel.  We swam in the pool - our first daytime swimming - and also let the kids dig in the sand at their fake sand beach.  It was very hot!  The pool water was just the right temperature, so the kids didn't get too cold, and they were both brave and dunked their heads underwater, but they didn't want to do it more than once!  Mostly, they just wanted to kick around the pool in their "floaties."  Sadly, every time we went down to the pool I forgot our camera, but I think my sister, Michelle, may have taken some pictures, so I'll have to see what she's got and post it later.  We went over to the grills they have at the resort and grilled up some bratwursts with peppers and onions for dinner, and enjoyed it out on the screened in patio overlooking the pool.  Now, the problem with having a hotel room over looking the pool is the NOISE.  They had a speaker right underneath our window blasting pool music into the pool area during all open hours - 9 am to 11 pm.  The problem was, their timer was screwed up, so the music actually played from 9:33 am to 11:33 pm!!  Also, because the music was on, people would be down at the pool yelling and being loud, until the music went off.  We called and complained a couple of times, but it never did get fixed.  So, if you ever go to a resort and they try to give you a room overlooking the pool, say NO!!  The kids were so tired out every day, they went right to bed and didn't seem to mind, but it kept Jason, Michelle, and I awake every night. 

On Tuesday, we headed back to Sea World.  They were having a promo where you could go a second day within the same week for free, so we went again!  It was overcast and threatening rain, but that was kind of nice, because it wasn't so hot or bright.  Jason and Michelle went on the two wild roller coasters, and then Lizzy, since she was tall enough (barely) actually agreed to go on the "Journey to Atlantis" splash-down ride!  This is no kiddie ride!  She was a little scared, but also liked it, so she said, until we suggested that she go a second time, and then she refused!!  So, it was a little much for her, but we were all impressed that she did it!  We went and saw the sting ray petting pool, and the dolphin underwater viewing, which was really cool, and also "shark encounter," where you ride on a moving sidewalk underneath a tunnel through the shark tank, so they swim all around you, and also to the manatee exhibit, where Rachel accidentally dropped her pacifier into the manatee's pond!  We told a Sea World worker so they could fish it out before the manatees ate it, but we didn't want it back after that!  We also went to the penguin encounter, which was cool too.  Then we went to see a show with acrobats and dancers in the "Nautilus Theater."  It was a really cool show, and the kids loved it!  On our way out, it had started pouring rain!  We stood under a tree and waited to see if it would let up, but it just got worse!  We wanted to go see the dolphin show one last time, so we started walking through the rain to find a place to wait for it to start (we had an hour).  Luckily, the dolphin stadium, and also the shamu stadium, and all the others are covered (probably because it rains so much in Florida) so during the show, although it poured on all the performers, we stayed nice and dry.  That second dolphin show was amazing, and the animals did even cooler tricks than last time - we supposed that they liked the rain or something!  After the show, we decided to go back to our condo, so we had to walk back through the park and parking lot to get to our car.  By that time, we were thouroughly soaked - I mean we might as well have jumped into the dolphin tank in our clothes.  Florida rain is HEAVY, so it was even getting in our eyes really bad, and making it hard to see.  Luckily, Florida rain is also very warm, so it wasn't cold to walk through it.  Jason said it was like Taiwan.  We got back to our hotel and put all our soaking wet clothes in the dryer.  Then, one of our old friends from grade school, Bethany, and her husband had moved out to Orlando not long ago, and so we had arranged to meet while we were all there.  So, they came over to our hotel room and we all had dinner together and visited.  It was a lot of fun, and really great to see Bethany again, and meet her husband! 

There are no pictures for this one - I didn't take pictures the second day at sea world!  I just forgot about the camera a lot on this trip!!

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