Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lizzy's 4th Birthday Party!

For Lizzy's 4th birthday, I threw her a party for her and her friends!  It was my first time ever throwing a kid birthday party, and so I was a little nervous about how to do it, but it turned out really great!  I made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, and at Lizzy's request I decorated them with cowgirl hats I made out of chocolate:

To start, I gave out little goodie bags and party blowers to each kid, and then the first game was "Pin the Tail on Bulls-Eye."  Each kid got a turn to play, and received a treat for their goodie bag.  After that, we did "Drop the Clothespin in the Boot."  I set up a chair in front of one of Lizzy's cowgirl boots, and gave each kid a clothespin.  They had 3 tries to stand on the chair and drop their clothespin into the boot.  They all got a prize for their bag for that game too.  For the next activity,  I gave out big pieces of paper from an easel paper roll, and the kids laid on them and traced each others' bodies.  Then, the pizza was ready, so we all had pizza and punch.  The bigger kids sat at the table, and the little kids sat on the floor!

When everyone was done with their pizza, it was time for cupcakes!  Everyone sang happy birthday and Lizzy blew out her candles!

For the last activity, I spread blankets on the floor and put on Toy Story 3, which I gave Lizzy for her present.  The kids LOVED that movie, and I was able to get the kitchen all cleaned up while they watched.  

It was a really fun party, and everyone had a great time!  I can't believe my little baby Lizzy is 4 years old!

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