Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How Do I Keep My House So Clean?

Child Labor. Also, I got a new snazzy kitchen-aid! Hopefully this one will last a long long time. My first kitchen-aid I got as a wedding present from my dad. It burned up in a house fire that happened when we were living with friends in Logan, and one of the roommates left a pot of oil unattended on the stove. So, I got the blue one you see on the left. That one has lasted for almost 8 years now, but I took it to my mom's house to make some ciabatta bread, and I put it on the floor of my minivan to transport it. When I got to my mom's and opened the sliding minivan door, the kitchen-aid tumbled out onto the street, and now the head shakes back and forth when I use it, causing the machine to walk itself off the counter! So, now I have a new and improved kitchen-aid... better suited for me, since I bake bread often. The new kitchen-aid models have a different kind of dough hook that is supposed to be better at kneading dough... we'll see. Also, it is week 5 of the CSA. This week, we got carrots, 2 yellow squash, 3 zucchini, peas, and CHERRIES!! Yum. I almost bought cherries at the grocery store yesterday... glad I didn't!

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