Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chlorine Free Diapers

Ever since Rachel's been born, she's had problems with rashes on her bottom and down her legs, and sometimes up on her tummy. The pediatrician has given me prescription creams and told me to put expensive Eucerin lotion on her every day, multiple times a day, but still it never really clears up, and the minute I take pants or her diaper off her, she immediately begins scratching at her legs or her crotch, and it makes her bleed if she can get at it for long enough. Anyway, a couple of pediatrician visits ago, the prolonged irritation caused Rachel to develop a Labial Adhesion, which is where a thin layer of skin begins to grow across the vaginal opening. So, she got a prescription progesterone cream that I have to put on her twice a day, in addition to the hydrocortisone cream, Eucerine lotion, and vaseline as directed by the doctor. Unfortunately, despite all of these efforts, the rash never completely goes away, and often breaks out really bad. Then, when I was shopping yesterday, I saw chlorine free diapers in the organic section of the store. I thought - might as well try them, I've tried everything else! I put one on her last night before bed and she woke up in the morning with the rash GONE. And a few minutes ago, when I changed her diaper again, I noticed that the rash down the legs is also now gone. No medications, no creams, no lotions.... it's amazing! The diapers are $3-4 more per pack (same number of diapers) than the old diapers we were using, but if I don't have to buy expensive lotions, creams, and prescription drugs for her, it's well worth it! So, any of you out there whose babies have a problem with continuing diaper rash, I HIGHLY recommend this product.

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Heather S. said...

That's amazing!! Thomas has problems on his legs, but not in his diaper area. I put Aquaphor on it daily and sometimes more than once He scratches his legs and makes it so much worse. I have a friend who suggested Laundry Tree Soap Nuts from and I am trying those. The first load went through today!