Monday, June 1, 2009


Jason went out of town for work for a few days, and took the laptop (with all my most recent pictures) with him, so I couldn't update the blog! Anyway, Lizzy is so funny - she LOVES hiking. We'd gone hiking last Saturday with friends, and so on Sunday morning, the hiking backpacks were still sitting in the hallway. Lizzy climbed into one and sat there, drinking her milk. It was funny!

Also, we had Lizzy's Family Music Night for her music class. It was a lot of fun. Grandma Susan, Cousin Barbara, and Grandma and Grandpa Gale all came to see Lizzy sing and dance!

And here is a picture of Rachel, ready for church with mohawk hair! Her hair is so much shorter than Lizzy's was at the same age. I can't wait for Rachel's hair to be long and pretty like Lizzy's, so I can do cute matching hairdos!

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Chandie said...

Look how big your girls are getting!! LoVe the updates and all the pictures! Can't wait to play in a week or so!! Yahoo!! :)