Friday, June 19, 2009

Lost Kitty; Standing Up

So, right before our vacation to California, Lizzy's favorite stuffed toy kitty, "Gray" got lost. We searched everywhere for that thing, but to no avail. We were really worried because she sleeps with Gray at night! But, she did OK on the vacation with a different kitty toy instead. We didn't mention Gray to her, and she seemed OK. But, just to be on the safe side, we went to Toys R Us to see if we could find another kitty like that one. They didn't have it. As it happened, Lizzy had a second kitty, which she named "Chicken" that was exactly the same as Gray except Chicken is a tabby and Gray is gray (obviously). Lizzy does not like Chicken - she gave it to Rachel (!) but, since Chicken was the same as Gray, I suggested to Jason that we could look at Chicken's tag and search on the internet to try and find Gray. And we did find him on e-bay. So Jason ordered a new Gray and it arrived in the mail today! Ah, the joy on Lizzy's face! She was so excited to see Gray. She hugged him tight and has been holding him ever since. On the plus side, the old kitty Gray was very old indeed - and incredibly ratty and dirty - and Jason had already had to sew holes closed in him. He used to be my sister, Katrina's, when she was a little girl, and she gave him to Lizzy one time when we were at my mom's house. So, the new Gray is in much better condition! He's very soft and fluffy, and has no holes! You can see the picture of the joy on Lizzy's face that she has Gray back. She did notice a few days ago that Gray was missing, and I told her he had gone on a trip in the mail and would be here soon. She's been checking the mail with me every day since, waiting for Gray to come back from his trip! Also, Rachel has figured out how to stand up on her own, and I managed to capture a picture of it! She doesn't stay up for long, so it was difficult to get the shot! Rachel is almost 11 months old (on the 25th), and so she has managed this feat 3 months earlier than Lizzy did. Wow!

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