Monday, February 23, 2009

100's club

My friend, Chandie, did this on her blog, and it was so cute... so here it is... 100 random things about me.

1. I got married 7 days before my 21st birthday.
2. I met my husband in 1992 in 7th grade English class. He did a book report on "Cujo" by Stephen King and I thought he was the most awful boy I'd ever seen for reading such a horrible book!
3. Later on, curiosity got the best of me and I read "Cujo" myself, and most of Stephen King's other books, too!
4. Jason and I didn't date until our senior year.
5. He had a girlfriend from summer band camp in 11th grade, and I spent all year trying to break them up.
6. I love cooking!
7. I love reading!
8. I love Star Trek - I own on DVD every episode of every season of every series, plus the movies. That's all 3 seasons of "Original Series", all 7 seasons of "Next Generation", all 7 seasons of "Deep Space Nine", all 7 seasons of "Voyager", all 4 seasons of "Enterprise", and all 10 movies.
9. I am SO excited for the new Star Trek movie coming out.
11. On our honeymoon, we went to St. George, and for a day we also went down to Vegas. I made Jason take me to the "Star Trek: The Experience" museum and ride. It was SO fun - we went back a few years ago, too.
12. I want to make little "Star Trek" costumes for Lizzy and Rachel for halloween.
13. I have the best kids in the entire universe.
14. I love being a mom more than anything in the whole world.
15. I still miss teaching sometimes, though.
16. Being a mom really does make you appreciate your own mom.
17. Chandie was right... this is difficult to do!
18. Lizzy gave me a hug the other day and said, "You're such a good helper mommy, I'm proud of you!"
19. Rachel looked at me and said, "aeeee agaga"
20. I think we don't have memories of being a baby because we didn't have language yet, so our thoughts were such a different format than how we think now that we can't access them.
21. In scary situations, I go for knowledge. As everyone could tell with all my fact-and-picture filled surgery posts!
22. When I was pregnant, I read every book in the library about child-raising.
23. My mom is the same way - when faced with a challenge or situation, the first thing she does is calmly look up every fact about whatever the topic is.
24. I really think the world we live in is amazing - you really can know anything about anything just by looking stuff up on the internet. It's really the age of ultimate knowledge.
25. With that, how come there are still so many different opinions about everything?
26. 100 years ago, I probably would have died with this throat growth, but instead it was an hour and a half outpatient surgery with laser scalpels! Amazing.
27. My mother and I are both Rh negative, so 100 years ago, we wouldn't have been able to have children, because there was no rhogam.
28. I love living in Utah - I think it would be really boring to live in a place where you don't get all 4 seasons.
29. I love camping - tent camping - we used to go all the time, but we haven't been since we had Lizzy.
30. Jason is more prissy than I am - he wants an RV for camping so he doesn't have to get so dirty.
31. The dirt is the best part!
32. I am incredibly bad at sports. Can you say NO hand-eye coordination??
33. I love to dance.
34. I love to sing.
35. I love to play my guitar.
36. I love to write music.
37. Jason says I have too many hobbies.
38. I just love too many things!
39. I want to learn how to fish.
40. I want to have chickens that lay eggs.
41. I want to try making my own cheese.
42. I want to play in an orchestra again.
43. I can't believe I'm not even halfway done with this list. I don't think my life is exciting enough for 100 things.
44. I had a brother who died in a hiking accident (hiking alone) when he was 13 and I was 15. I miss him.
45. Don't ever hike alone!
46. My dad was a doctor at LDS hospital (now he works in Sandy), my mom was an administrator at LDS hospital, my husband was a pharmacy intern at LDS hospital, my sister Michelle works currently at LDS hospital in the ER, and my sister Angela volunteers there. I feel left out - I have never worked at LDS hospital.
47. I guess now I can say I had surgery at LDS hospital.
48. I think it's wierd that I'm turning 30 this year.
49. I used to think people who were 30 were REAL adults. I don't feel like a REAL adult yet...
50. My dad always told me not to ever lose my kid-ness; the curiosity and zest for life that children have. I have tried not to.
51. Rachel has reached her patience limit for this activity... so this will be a 51 list instead of a 100 list.


Mary Alvarez said...

Sarah, did I never know you were a Star Trek fan? Or did I just forget (like so many other things?) I *LOVE* Star Trek! I have at least 5 soundtracks and full on lighted models of some of the ships. =)

Sarah said...

Good grief - we really need to get together. I have a combadge and the blueprints for the Enterprise D.