Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

I'm officially 29 now... the last year of youth... I had a really fun birthday. Jason took me out for sushi for lunch, and it was really excellent. My favorite is the caterpillar roll, which has eel, cucumber, and shrimp rolled in rice, wrapped in seaweed, rolled in more rice, and wrapped in thin slices of avocado with sweet sesame oil drizzled over the top. We also had a tuna roll, which was just tuna, rice, and seaweed; and also a spider roll which was softshell tempura crab rolled in rice and rolled in soy paper. If you've never tried sushi, you really should. It's so delicious! My family came up to our house for dinner, and we had linguine and shrimp with lemon oil and chocolate orange mascarpone cake. (Both recipes for those are on my recipe blog - Then I opened my presents. I got some great new books, the movie Mama Mia, some new clothes, a completely awesome 90's mix CD - boy it takes me back - and the best of all - tickets to the Dancing with the Stars Live Tour at the e center on the 30th!! My sisters and I had a lot of fun dancing to my 90's CD. We taught Lizzy the macarena. It was SO cute! Lizzy sang happy birthday to me, too - it was the sweetest thing ever! I hope you all get to have a birthday as fun as I did someday!!


katrina said...

I had a lot of fun Sarah, happy birthday!!

Oh and that link to your recipe blog leads to a different sarah's recipe blog, there's probably a tiny difference in the url.

katrina said...

Oh, just found the difference in URLs, yours isn't sarahsfavoriterecipies it's sarahsfavoriterecpies, without the i.

Sarah said...

Uh oh - I'll have to fix that!