Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Time Sledding!

Since we had a nice snowfall today, and we had recently bought a snowsuit and snowboots for Lizzy, I decided to take the girls across the street to the empty lot and try out sledding! The lot is like a shallow bowl, and bunches of kids were over there sledding down. It's perfect because you slide down into the middle of the lot, and not onto a street or something. And it's very shallow and small, so it's not scary for little first timers. Even so, I was worried that Lizzy would think it was scary. We watched the other kids go down for a little bit, and then Lizzy said she wanted to try, so we borrowed another kids' sled and Lizzy went down. She loved it! She went down a bunch of times, and then I decided we should go in, because even though I bundled Rachel up in about 50 layers, I still worried about her getting cold. Lizzy did NOT want to come inside! I had to drag her back across the street and into the house. She's still mad at me, and wants to go back out! We've got to get her a sled - I have a feeling we'll be over there sledding a lot this winter!

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Stevens girl said...

What a brave little girl. My kids are still scared of sledding.