Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sprained Ankle

We had a bit of a misadventure last night, and now I have a sprained ankle! Fortunately it is just a mild sprain, so I can get around with just a little limping, but it's still painful and annoying! Jason and I were watching a movie last night, and I, being quite pregnant, had to pee. So we paused the movie, and I was just finishing up when a loud whooping alarm went off - our house has an alarm system, and if you open the front door or the garage door, it starts beeping for 30 seconds to allow you to disarm it before it totally goes off, however, if a window is opened, it goes straight to the loud whooping! So I thought "Someone is breaking into our house! I've got to get to Lizzy!" and I came running out of the bathroom, and ended up stepping wrong on my foot & twisting my ankle. It turns out that Jason had forgotten that he had turned the alarm on for the night, and he had opened the sliding glass door because he heard the cats fighting in the backyard and was going to yell at them to knock it off! I had so much adrenaline pumping that I didn't even realize I'd hurt my ankle until I sat down and it started hurting quite badly. I've got it all wrapped up and elevated now with ice, and hopefully it will heal quickly.


Chandie said...

Well that's no fun!! Hope it gets feeling better SOON!! :)

Melissa Woodruff said...

Don't you just love life's little (and not so little) heart attack moments? I'm glad it's only a minor sprain. Are you allowed to take Ibuprophen now or is it still just Tylenol? I don't know about you but I sure miss Ibuprophen. I hope you have a happy speedy recovery!