Saturday, June 28, 2008


Lizzy woke up at 4:00 am on Wednesday with a terrible fever, so Jason and I gave her some infant tylenol, and after awhile the fever went down, but it came back by the time she got up in the morning. The fever stayed all day long, and we had a hard time getting it to go down with medicine, so we took her to the pediatrician. He mentioned Croup as one of the things she might have, and told us to watch out for a "barking" cough and signs of difficulty breathing. Jason had his big annual backpacking trip in Zion, so he left that night after dinner. Lizzy had another bad night of fever, and in the morning she started wheezing and coughing. I looked up Croup on the internet, and many websites said to try a humidifier, so she laid on the floor under the humidifier and watched Barney all day long. (So fun for me!) So then last night, her breathing was so bad - I was really scared, and she would no longer swallow anything - not her spit, not medicine, not liquids! So I took her back in to the pediatrician today and she got a steroid shot to open up her throat and stop the swelling. Now she's actually eating and drinking, and running around playing with toys! She still sounds a little hoarse, but you can no longer hear her breathing, and I hope that tonight will be much better!

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Chandie said...

Oh my gosh Sarah, that is so awful! Alan was out of town the first night of Cole's RSV and it's just so hard without the extra adult around to help and give you a break. I'm glad she's doing better! Let's hang out again soon! :)