Sunday, April 18, 2010


We have had lots of fun vacationing in Moab!  We left Thursday afternoon and met my mom and her  boyfriend, John at the condo we rented.  We just went out to dinner and got settled in to the condo that first night.  Friday, Jason and John rode the Masaback (not sure on the spelling here) bike trail, and one of Jason's bike pedals broke, so it was not a very fun ride.  After lunch, we all went up to Arches National Park and did a bunch of hiking.
Grandma and Rachel hiking the Park Avenue trail.

Sarah on a rock, Lizzy and the 3 Gossips in the background.

Grandma and the girls at the Balanced Rock trail.
At Delicate Arch. You can see Rachel is still in the backpack, because this spot is quite dangerous, so we didn't want the girls to run around.

Cute girls in Arches!  We hiked a total of 6 miles; the girls hiked 2 of them all by themselves, and rode in the backpacks for the other 4.  Pretty impressive!  Lizzy's favorite part was balanced rock.  Rachel loved climbing under double arch.

Saturday, John and Mom rode the Gemini Bridges bike trail in the morning, and then Jason and I rode it in the afternoon, so we could take turns with the kids.  Mountain biking terrifies me... especially when there's lots of big hills with loose sand and rocks, and you slip all over the place.  So, Jason had a nice, leisurely ride thorugh the countryside, and I had a harrowing near-death-panick-attack experience.  We brought the camera, but I was too stressed out to remember it, and we didn't take any photos!  However, my T-shirt rode up on my back during the ride, and so, afterward, Jason commented that I sunburned my lower back, and I said, "Yeah, I was trying to burn off my love-handles."

Today, Sunday, is our last day here, we check out tomorrow morning.  The boys are riding the Porcupine bike trail, which will take them most of the day (the trail guidebook says it's a 6 hour ride!).  Grandma, the girls, and I will have a fun hanging out at the condo, and going to the pool and park.

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