Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a really fun Easter this year!  The girls woke up and found that the Easter Bunny had left them baskets full of CANDY!!  They were really excited, and decided to eat chocolate cadbury eggs in lieu of scrambled eggs for breakfast.  After watching conference together, we got in our minivan and started down to my mom's house.  We got to Farmington, and Jason noticed that the car felt like it was driving funny.  He pulled over and... the rear tire was flat!  We were near a gas station, so he filled the tire up with air and drove home on the back roads.  The tire stayed inflated all the way home, thankfully.  We switched the kids and all our stuff (I was bringing a homemade berry pie and some salad dressing to the Easter dinner), and headed back down to my mom's in Jason's car.  We made it to mom's and enjoyed a delicious Easter dinner, with grilled lamb, a vegetable gratin casserole, rolls, salad, and berry pie.  It was a good dinner, and everyone had a really fun time!  After dinner, we left my mom's and headed over to Jason's parents.  We had a fun time hanging out with them, and catching up on the family news.  We dressed the girls in their pajamas and headed home, where we went to bed.  Happy Easter everyone! 

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