Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Merry Christmas!

We had an incredibly busy holiday season this year. It all started on December 23, when my sister Michelle got married. The wedding was at the Layton courthouse, and then afterward, my family and her husband's family all came over to our house for a celebration. My mom brought champagne and sparkling cider, and we all had a fun time toasting and watching football. Then, on Christmas Eve, Jason's family came over (except for one brother, who was at his in-law's) and we had a lovely dinner and gift-opening. In the picture, you can see all the grandkids in the hats that Jason's mom made for them all. After our kids went to bed on Christmas Eve, Jason and I set up the Thomas train set we got for Lizzy and Rachel on the living room floor, so it would be the first thing they'd see when they came out in the morning. Lizzy was SO excited about it, she didn't want to open any other presents, and she didn't want to go to my mom's house, either! Jason had to work on Christmas, so we opened presents with the girls before he left, and then the girls and I got ready and headed over to my mom's house. We opened presents with my mom, sisters, step-dad, cousin, and uncle, and then had a delicious Christmas dinner. The day after Christmas, we went to my dad's house to open presents and have yet another delicious holiday dinner with him and my stepmom, and her family. The next day, the 27th, was my 30th birthday... and by this time, I was ready to change my birthday to another month... but, we still had a fun time with my family, eating some more extremely unhealthy food, and opening awesome presents. Unfortunately, by the afternoon, Rachel had had enough holiday fun, and she developed a fever, and was sick for the next 24 hours. That meant we did not attend my sister's birthday party (the one who got married) on the 29th. Then, on new year's eve, we went to our friends' house to party with them. Unfortunately, Lizzy got the fever and threw up on their kitchen floor. She was quite miserable, and we left at 8:30! She had the fever and felt awful for 24 hours, just like Rachel, and then it was 2010 and the holidays were over. Whew.

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