Sunday, January 24, 2010

Curly Girls and Vacuuming

I got my hair cut recently, and while I was there I asked the stylist if she knew how to make spiral curls using a flat iron. I had read on a hair website with little girls' hairstyles that you can quickly and easily make spiral curls with a flat iron, and it's safer than holding a burning hot curling iron right next to their scalp for 15 seconds for each curl. The stylist did know how, and she showed me... it is easy and fast, and so I did it on Lizzy's hair today for church! Doesn't it look gorgeous! For those interested, you take a section of hair, clamp it at the top with the flat iron, just as if you are going to straighten the hair, and then wrap the hair down and around the flat iron. Then, twist the flat iron in a downward direction until the hair is coming out of the center of the flat iron and pointing out towards you. Slide the iron down the hair, and voila! Instant spiral curl.

Also attached are some videos of the kids... been a while since I posted any of those. The first one is of Rachel face-planting on our bed, and the second is one of the reasons I LOVE my swivel sweeper... because Lizzy can use it to sweep up her messes!

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