Friday, August 14, 2009

Won Ton update

I made the pot-stickers recipe with my cabbage as posted below, and they came out amazing! Here's a note - I was unable to find the round wrappers they call for at my grocery store - they only had these square won ton wrappers, which are smaller than what the recipe calls for, and therefore made more... a LOT more. I also increased the amount of filling, because the recipe calls for 3/4 of a pound of ground pork, and ground pork was sold in 1 pound packages, so I increased the whole thing by 1/4... anyway, I ended up with 75 potstickers! Yikes! Luckily, as it says in the recipe, you can freeze them, and then cook them up according to the recipe without having to thaw them or anything. The only thing I was nervous about was Jason... Jason went on his mission to Taiwan, and the pot stickers (in Chinese they're called *phonetically* sway-jowz) were his favorite thing to eat. They sell them all over the place at street vendor carts, and also frozen in large bags to cook at home. (If they're easy enough for a 19 year old missionary to cook up, you know they're a quick go-to food!) Anyway, here in SLC he's been extremely disappointed with the pot stickers sold at restaurants and in freezer bags at the grocery store - they just don't taste the same - but these... when he got home and I cooked him up a few and gave them to him with some soy sauce for dipping, I thought he was going to cry. He said they were perfect - exactly right! He said it was uncanny. So, I highly recommend them.

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