Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! The Easter bunny visited our house Friday night, because Jason had to work today, so we did Easter on Saturday. Lizzy woke up and immediately spied a colorful Easter egg that I'd hidden. She then had a really fun time searching all over the house for her eggs, and then when she found them all, she got her Easter basket, which had a chocolate bunny, an Easter pez dispenser, some silly putty, and a new Thomas train, "Duck." She ate the chocolate bunny for breakfast, and then ate most of the whopper eggs which I'd put inside the plastic eggs in her basket for lunch. Luckily, she did eat a very large helping of spaghetti for dinner, so it wasn't a total nutritional fiasco! Rachel just got a basket with empty plastic eggs to play with. She was very happy with that! Today, the girls are dressed in their beautiful matching Easter dresses (I love having 2 girls!) and we're all ready for church. Lizzy would not sit next to Rachel for a picture, because lately, whenever Rachel is close enough, she pulls Lizzy's hair. So, the pictures are separate. They're still cute, though!

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