Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bathtime, and Standing Up

Here are my bathing beauties - I'm finally confident enough in Rachel's stability to let her take a bath with Lizzy in the big tub, instead of making her bathe in the baby tub. Rachel LOVES it, and surprisingly, Lizzy was very nice to Rachel in the tub; sharing the rubber duckies and teaching her how to splash! In further development, Rachel has figured out how to pull herself up to standing on stuff. She got this fun play cube from her great grandparents for Christmas, and she just LOVES it! She's also crawling now, much to Lizzy's chagrin, and so there is a constant yelling of, "hey, that's MINE!" and then Lizzy proceeds to rip the hard-earned toy from poor Rachel's fingers. Sometimes, Lizzy will add in a nice shove or whack to the head, and then Rachel will cry. One time, Lizzy looked at me and said, "I made Rachel CRY." In a very matter-of-fact voice. I put her in time out for 2 minutes, which made Lizzy cry, and then she said, "I want to go to Grandma's!!" Sheesh.

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