Tuesday, December 14, 2010

No More Binky!!

Rachel has given up her binky!  It has been a pain dealing with binkies with Rachel - Lizzy never liked them, but Rachel sure did!  However, it has turned into a horrible middle-of-the-night search for binkies, and we were fed up!  So, I made a chart for Rachel with daytime and nighttime for a week, and got some star stickers to put on it.  I told Rachel we were going to be all done with binkies, and every day and night that she went without her binky, she would get a star on her chart, and when it was all full, she could get a little toy from the store.  Rachel was very excited about this plan, and gathered up all her binkies and threw them in the trash!  Over the next week, she did really well, and although she was sometimes a bit fussy, especially in the car, where she really liked having a binky, I would remind her that if she could be happy and not fuss without her binky, I'd give her an extra star sticker on her hand when we got home.  So now, she is all finished with her binky, and she chose a Zhu Zhu Pet for her no-more-binky prize!  She is thrilled!

(She got a hold of one of the sheets of star stickers and stuck some on the bottom of her chart before I caught her!)

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Heather S. said...

Yay, Emily was like 3 1/2 years old before we could get her off the binky. We took Andrews away last week and he did great, no fussing or anything. I've decided it's easier to do when they're younger.