Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christmas Meadows

My mom, her boyfriend, John, and my sister, Angela, all went camping this weekend at Christmas Meadows in the Unitas.  The girls and I joined them for part of the trip, and had a really fun time hiking, and hanging out.  It rained on and off, but luckily, we had my dad's big hexagonal screen room, which we were all able to sit under and play some games while the rain went over.

Rachel by the picnic table.

My sister, Angela, in her camp chair by the fire.

Lizzy playing in the trees at the edge of the campsite.

The girls enjoying cups of chee-tos by the tent.

In the screen house to get out of the rain!

Angela and Lizzy, and John in the background.

Eating dinner at the picnic table.  John grilled us up some yummy Bratwurst!

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