Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

The kids had a super fun time this 4th of July!  It was on a Sunday, and I was asked to fill in for the music leader in sacrament meeting, so the kids and I sat on the stand behind the piano, and, it was so cute, every time I got up to lead the music, Lizzy and Rachel would come up too, and stand next to me, waving their arms like they were leading too.  I got a bunch of comments about how cute they were up there, and how well behaved they were when we weren't singing.  (Thanks to the story books and coloring books I brought!)  Anyway, after Jason got home from work, we ate dinner, and then went outside to do fireworks.  I had bought a small (non-scary) pack of LEGAL fireworks, and a box of sparklers.  The girls had so much fun doing sparklers and watching daddy set of the little fireworks.  The neighbors down the street had much more exciting fireworks than us, and the kids enjoyed seeing theirs from a distance too.  The only sad thing was, I tried a technique I saw on a cooking show for dry-aging my own steak... we ended up with rotten steak instead.  Bummer.  Lizzy was really upset when I threw it out.  She cried for a good 10 minutes, "I want to eat steak!!"  I'll have to get more steak this week and cook it for her, minus the "dry aging" process.

Doing sparklers in the driveway!  Right after this was taken, when Lizzy's sparkler went out, she threw it to the ground, but threw it a little too hard, because it landed on my skirt and burned a small hole in my new dress!

A video of the kids watching a firework go off.

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