Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lizzy's Dance Recital

Lizzy had her first dance recital last night!  She's been taking classes since January at Syracuse Dance Academy.  She danced to the song, "Baby Take a Bow."  She did a really good job!  At the dress rehearsal, many of the little girls were scared to go on stage, and were crying, and holding on to their moms, but Lizzy was just really excited.  She shooed me off the stage, saying, "Go away, mommy, this is MY dance!"

We put Lizzy's hair in curlers the night before... she was thrilled!

The morning of... all ready for the dress rehearsal.  She LOVED wearing makeup!

Of course, Rachel had to get her make-up done too, and pose the same as Lizzy!

On stage at dress rehearsal!  Lizzy is the 3rd little girl, looking at the girl holding her mom's hand.

After the performance.  It's 9:00 pm, and Lizzy is visibly VERY tired.

She was really happy because her cousin, Madi, got to come see her dance!

They didn't let you take any pictures or video at the actual performance, but I took some at dress rehearsal, however the video of the dance is too long to upload on here... however, anyone who REALLY wants to see it can come to my house!  :)

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Susan said...

The girls are so cute! Lizzy was so much fun to watch at her performance! Being a Grandma is the best!