Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Date Night!

Well, everyone who knows me knows that I am completely attached to my kids, so Jason and I haven't gone on a dinner and a movie date night since I was pregnant with Lizzy - it's been probably 2 1/2 years! But, Rachel is just about 6 months old now, so I took a chance and left my kids with my mom & Jason & I ate out at Lone Star Steakhouse, and then went to see Quantum of Solace. The kids had a great time with Grandma & were both in bed sleeping when we got home at 9, which was so nice! Jason & I really enjoyed having an evening all to ourselves. Before kids, we used to do a date night every week! My little daughters are the most wonderful things ever, but they sure do change your marital life! So, thanks mom, for watching my kids and helping me relax about leaving them to do things. I'll have to keep doing this babysitting stuff.

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