Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This week both my girls have a cold. Lizzy got it last Wednesday, and Rachel picked it up on Friday. Luckily, it's not too severe. While dealing with the cold, I got an email that one of the teachers I used to work with died (see the post below) and the email said that his funeral was that day - I had an hour and half to get myself and the girls all dressed and ready and drive down to Murray. After the funeral, the girls and I went to my mom's house, which was fun, but then when we went to leave, my van wouldn't start. My sister tried to help me jump it, but it wouldn't jump. So, I had to call for a tow truck, and then wait at my mom's until Jason got off work and could pick us up to go home. We got home and I realized I had left my cell phone at my mom's! We don't have a home phone, so now I would be cut off with no phone and no car! Jason went to work the next day and picked up the phone, and I got my van back the day after that. It was just a problem with the battery - the battery was so old and so dead that it wouldn't even accept a jump anymore. So, at least that was an easy fix. Let's hope this week has less stress! I craved pizza and chocolate cake all week long! (My stress foods). Luckily, I was able to restrain myself and I stuck to my diet and lost 2 more pounds this week.

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Melissa Woodruff said...

Wow! That's quite a week! I can't believe you didn't give in and have a slice of pizza. You go girl! Now I feel incredibly guilty. I had Joseph buy me a doughnut last week because I was depressed that I missed 1 problem on my math test. How pathetic am I? I hope this week goes better for you!