Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Silly Lizzy

So yesterday, Lizzy wandered back toward the bedrooms and I could hear her playing with toys in her room, but then after a while I noticed it was awfully quiet. I went back there to see what she was up to. She was in my bedroom looking in my floor length mirror with a scarf wrapped around her neck. She startled in surprise with a guilty look on her face when I came in. I said, "What are you doing, babe?" She looked at me for a couple of seconds and then said "Make a mess!" I just laughed and laughed! She's so funny! I told her to clean it up, and she did. (She had pulled all the clothes out of one of our dresser drawers.) Here are the latest pictures of Lizzy and Rachel.

1 comment:

Chandie said...

Oh that is a DARLING picture of Lizzy!! She's so funny ~ and honest! :) I love it! And look at that cute Rachel, she's getting so big! :)