Friday, May 16, 2008


I've been tagged by Celia!

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1. I LOVE to cook... especially Italian food and baked goods. I really enjoy trying to recreate good dishes I've had in restaurants. I've even thought of going to cooking school, or being a caterer after my kids are older and it's boring to be home. However, this is lost on Jason, who is an extremely picky eater, and doesn't like just about everything I ever try to make. He wants plain grilled meat. With salad.

2. I also love to read - I read 2 to 3 books a week, sometimes more. It helps to be a very fast reader! I'm always on the lookout for new stuff to read. Lizzy seems to have inherited this trait - her books are her favorite "toys" - often her toybox goes untouched while she brings me book after book after book, saying "read it please!"

3. I'm really scared to have 2 kids - especially when Lizzy has a hard night. I think, "How am I going to handle being up every 2-3 hours with a newborn if Lizzy is also having a bad night?" It scares me.

4. I am a trekkie - I own every episode of every series of Star Trek, and all the movies. That's all 7 seasons each of Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager, plus all 3 seasons of Original Series, and all 4 seasons of Enterprise. There are 10 movies, too, and I am SO excited to see the new one out next summer. I also have a little combadge I can wear while I watch... Jason took me to Star Trek the Experience in Las Vegas when we were on our honeymoon - it was GREAT!
I really want to make little Star Trek outfits for Lizzy and Rachel to wear on Halloween this year... so cute!!

5. I love camping. Most girls don't like it - but I really do. Tent camping with a camp fire, hiking, and being dirty. It is great. We haven't gone since Lizzy's been born, and I miss it. Jason is too chicken to try camping with babies. He says we'll wait to go again when our youngest is 4 or 5. Until then, it's hotel vacations for us.

6. I hate cleaning the house - especially vacuuming. Cleaning and vacuuming feels frustrating to me, because you get it all done, and it looks nice... for about 5 minutes. I do the cleaning because I know it makes Jason feel happy when he gets home to see a clean house, but sometimes it frustrates me because if I clean earlier in the day, it just gets messed up again, and then Jason can't even tell that it was clean by the time he gets home!

I now tag Chandie.


Chandie said...

That was fun to read :)
I've done a tag just like this already on my blog, but look back and read it, it's fun :)

Melissa Woodruff said...

Hi! How are you doing? I just read 3 great books in a 4 book series: Twighlight, New Moon and Eclipse. New Moon wasn't quite as good as the other two but definitely worth reading. Have you read them? I highly recommend them! The 4th book comes out in August. I can't wait! Twilight is being made into a movie that comes out in December. I'm looking forward to that too.

You can still enjoy the great outdoors with campfires and stuff but have many of the luxuries of a hotel. At Flaming Gorge there are cabins on a small lake with nice bathrooms, running water etc. The cabins are about the same price per night as a decent hotel. It's very secluded so you get the complete outdoorsy feeling without the port-o-potty.