Monday, April 21, 2008

Smart Lizzy

I always think Lizzy is smart, but she just amazes me sometimes - I made a pork roast for dinner the other night, and I gave Lizzy a bunch of cut up pieces on her tray. She picked up a piece and put it to the side, saying "one", then grabbed another "two", and another "three" - she counted out 10 pieces of meat! I couldn't believe it - my 17 month-old knows how to count. She did it again the next day with her goldfish crackers. Then, we were out at the pie for pizza, and Lizzy was sitting in a booster seat in between Jason and I. Jason set down a plate in front of each of us, and Lizzy pointed to the plates one at a time, saying "mommy's, Lizzy's, daddy's." Jason turned to me and said, "She said daddy'S - she knows how to use possesive! Holy crap!" At which, Lizzy started saying "crap, crap, crap..." Anyway, I think she's amazing!


Susan said...

Lizzy is amazing!! She is so cute and has such a good nature about her, and she is super smart as well. I can do Grandma bragging without embellishing at all! She reminds me of her mommy when she was a little girl :-) !!

Chandie said...

That really is awesome! What a smart adorable little girl! :) Nice work!

katrina :] said...

Aw, Lizzy is so cute. She's a little genius.